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BMW Rheingold 3.55.11 ISTA-P

BMW RHEINGOLD 3.55.11 (ISTA/D & ISTA/P ) Is the best industry standard BMW diagnostics, coding and programming software.

Make sure you follow and make every step! Check out version Rheingold 4.01.21

Ediabas, Java, vcredist 2010 x86 x64, vcredist 2013 x86 x64, vs90_piaredist, net framework 4.5.2 or higher. If you encounter problems and can’t start ISTA, install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 from Microsoft’s website.

Unpack, for examle in C:\Rheingold, unpack and copy SQLiteDBs in C:\Rheingold\SQLiteDBs, run RCleanerV4.3.exe from Tools folder.
Apply ISTA-D Reg Fix for your system (x86 or x64) from Tools folder.
Run C:\Rheingold\TesterGUI\bin\Release\ISTAGUI.exe.
If ask license, enter it from License.txt file (located at C:\Rheingold folder). Enter 1 in ISIS field, ignore error and press ok.

Install Networktool.exe, for K-DCAN cable. (ICOM doesn’t need it).
Unpack in the root of any drive, for example C:\ISTA-P.
Run BMW ISTA-P Loader V4.9.exe from Tools folder.
Choose language, resolution and expert mode options. Ignore message about resolution.

SHA512 signature: 052549E48F386FB21CBFF66159C52F8EE4291938AD61167AF7B762A0DC7


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BMW Rheingold 3.55.11
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