1100HP BMW M3 E30 w/ Supra Engine On The Nurburgring ONBOARD RIDE!!

Tomedelic1 records a 1100HP BMW M3 e30 with a Supra 2JZ Turbo engine. Tomedelic1 gets an onboard ride on the Nurburgring. This car can do 8 Seconds on the 1/4 mile and 8 min BTG on the Nordschleife. This video shows, drifts, onboards on the Nurburgring and flames. Like share and comments and don’t forget to check out http://trackandtuner.com/article/83/for-sale-1100hp-bmw-m3-e30-with-supra-engine for more info on this car which is FOR SALE.

THIS CAR IS FOR SALE: For more info contact vidar.jodahl@ymail.com

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