2014 – 2015 BMW i8 – Review in Detail, Start up, Exhaust Sound, and Test Drive

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2014 – 2015 BMW i8 — Specs:

MSRP 2014 : $137,500
MSRP 2015 : $137,500

Capacity Gas Motor – 1.5L I3 Turbocharged
ePower – 129 hp
eTorque – 184 lb-ft
Combustion Power – 228 hp
Combustion Torque – 236 lb-ft
Total Power – 357 hp
Total Torque – 420 lb-ft
0-60mph – 4.2 sec
Car and Driver 0-60mph – 3.8 sec
Top Speed – 155 mph
Consumption – 76MPG
Consumption – 135MPG Euro Cyc.
Curb Weight – 3455 lb
Length – 15′- 4 1/2″
Width – 6′- 4 1/2″

In this in-depth review we cover the 2014-2015 BMW i8. This will be a detailed review of all features, functions, and details. We will test drive the car and provide our personal experience behind the wheel! In addition we will provide exhaust & engine sounds, and start up procedures. We think anyone can go into a dealership and look at a car or pick up a brochure and learn; we believe there is no substitute to the personal point-of-view experience we provide!!


Amir H Town @amirhtown
David Campos @Iamretali8

To provide auto enthusiasts and consumers with free, relevant, and comprehensive reviews about all types of cars. These reviews will detail usage, ergonomics, engine details, exhaust sounds and the overall drive of the vehicles. We will also do our best to give you the latest specifications and pricing.

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