2x BMW M4 GTS & M4 Devotec & M3 DM Performance Nürburgring Nordschleife 02 10 2016 No crash just fun

“Petit train d’enfer” with friends in sunday’s trafic on the Nordschleife to discover the new toy.

///M Power giving the pace 🙂

1 : BMW M4 from my friend Dimitry, owner of Devotec : http://www.devotec-nurb.com
Not sure about the set-up of the car so far. Probably some extra power. Cup2 and suspensions for sure.

2 : BMW M3 E92 from my friend David owner of DM Performance : http://www.dmperformance.fr
One of the most hardcore E92 ever, 4.4l stroked engine (550ps) and all the best possible parts available. Trofeo R tires.

3 : Me, M4 GTS from factory on Cup 2 tires, set-up from Team Schirmer. I thought that the car would be rally difficult to drive with the rear axel willing to go sideways all the time, but not at all. Front axel is just glorious, including the electronic steering – completely changed from the standard M4. Sound is not that bad after all and my god it’s lound when the titanium gets hot. Basically : pure fun !

4 : My dude Captain Unknown and his white M4 GTS with factory set-up, also on Cup2 tires.

5 : My dude Freddy and his nice BMW 1M GT by Team Schemer

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