400hp BMW M3 ‘GTR’ on the Nürburgring- INSANE SOUNDS!

In this video you will see a Widebody BMW M3 E46, known as the ‘M3 GTR’ racing on the Nuburgring GP Strecke. Built by Koopman racing in 2015, this M3 GTR feautures a 3.2 liter straight-six engine producing a hefty 400hp! The M3 GTR only weighs around 1250kg (2755lbs) so it is EXTREMELY fast. The brutal gunshot-like sounds you hear are because of the six-speed Drenth sequential gearbox and the car running a little rich (see all the petrol stains on the back of the car). It does make the car sound absolutely INSANE! The car also has a motorsport Airbox, shifting paddles on the steeringwheel, an insane widebody kit and a HUGE rearwing for even more downforce! What did you think of this brutal BMW M3 E46 GTR? Let me know in the comments below!
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