5 biggest surprises from living with my E60 BMW M5

E60 M5 surprises:
1. The fuel economy. It’s really that bad.
2. You have to know it to get the performance out, but once you do, it’s the happiest you’ll ever feel.
3. When you need a solid, comfortable sedan, it’ll do the job. While enduring the drudgery of driving sensibly, you’ll find simple joy in the little things that make this car special without anyone else noticing, knowing that just by pressing that “M” button, this Dr. Jekyll will turn into a Mr. Hyde.
4. When you’re in a hurry, there simply isn’t a better car to be in. With this beast, you can get your family and their stuff anywhere, immediately. And you’ll be grinning ear to ear the whole time (even if they’re unnecessarily terrified).
5. Nobody knows what it is, except for car nuts.

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