BMW 140i review (vs BMW M2)

Things I liked (when compared to the M2):
– More comfortable than the M2.
– Brakes are easier to modulate and left foot braking seems immediately natural. This, while also having a not so good spongy feel to them…
– Engine is fine.
– Affordable performance.
– Had the ASD switched on but it did not sound as intrusive as the one on the M2.

Things I did not like (when compared to the M2):
– Gear box is slow.
– Not as rewarding as a drivers car.
– Looks… bland.
– Steering feel sucks.
– Aluminium trim on the interior.
– Back feels a little less poised and the front in not as precise.

Ask any car enthusiast what BMW makes best and the answers will inevitably circle around a few elements: a small chassis and rear wheel drive. BMW is best known for making cool small cars and even though they are typically coupes – such as the BMW M2 – they can also wear different body styles, like this BMW M140i does.

While to some it may sound like the 1 Series may be using a 4-liter engine… that is not the case.

The BMW M140i uses the new B58 3 litre straight-six engine that has been turbocharged to make 340 HP and 500 Nm of torque.

This or the M240i are great alternatives to the M2 if you want to have a more discrete, comfortable and overall more normal car, while keeping quite a bit of money in your pocket… performance wise it seems hard to justify the difference between the two on public roads but I am sure that, judging by my experience, that the M2 would eat this M140i for breakfast on the track.

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