BMW 5-Series G30 530i Black Sapphire – Signature Detailing Series

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Clarity Above All Else
With its superior gloss finish and extreme optical clarity; any supercar, exotic or luxury sedan will stand out in any crowd. Paint depth and faithful colour reproduction is exemplary. ClearGuard™ Nano SR virtually invisible upon installation… the choice is; clear!

Protection: When Thickest Is Best
With its extremely durable high-tech polymeric formulation, ClearGuard™ Nano SR is the thickest protection film on the market offering the ultimate protection to your vehicle’s paintwork. From highway cruising, track events or even the challenging city streets; you can be assured of protection against stone chips, high impact debris and dirt; without compromise.

No Stain: Your Gain
Even ClearGuard™ Nano SR features a unique Anti-Stain formula that ensures your paintwork and the protection film itself is protected against acid rain, bird lime, bugs and soil.

Formability: Molecular Perfection
Complex shapes, unusual curves or peculiar vents are nothing uncommon on todays’ sophisticated world of high end motoring and exotic cars. ClearGuard™ Nano SR was designed for your vehicle in mind using a complex molecular structure that allows for this film to fit over the most complex surfaces!

Self Rejuvenation: The Art of Healing
Just as human skin heals; so does ClearGuard™ Nano SR! With just a minor change in temperature or UV exposure, Self-Reconvergence allows the film to ‘heal’ itself from light swirls and scratches as you drive!

Why ClearGuard™ Nano SR is for you
Uncompromised strength, superlative optical clarity, Anti-Stain and Self-Rejuvenation. Designed and engineered for maximum performance for supercars, exotics and luxury sedans and chosen by discerning motorist who only want The Best.

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