BMW 850CSi

There’s a good reason why some high-end luxury cars with exotic mechanical solutions depreciate more than a treasury obligation once the warranty is over: you’re left to foot the bill for both regular maintenance and ghastly unscheduled repairs. The service costs are almost always equivalent to a car with the original sticker and not…the price you paid for it used.
In the world of BMW’s 8-Series, the most desirable models by far are the 6-speed manual gearbox 850i and the M-prepped 850CSi. The latter is the crown jewel of the series featuring a 380PS (375hp) 5.6-liter V12 and we found one on eBay selling for $42,995 or best offer. That’s down from its original MSRP of $104,650 back in 1995, after it clocked 73,000 miles (~117,500km).

We knew that maintaining a V12-powered 8-Series can quickly get very expensive, but the actual costs hit us like a stack of bricks: according to the seller, from the 36,000 mile mark and onwards, the owner spent a whopping $47,583! That’s more than $4,000 over the MSRP

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