BMW E39 M5 Exhaust Silencer Delete and Drive with cold start GoPro Boot mount

BMW M5 with a timmay tips muffler delete. Filmed using a gopro style camera and suction mount.

Semi-warm start and a bit of a drive to see what she sounds like out of the business end!

Filmed using a Go-Pro style camera – SJ4000 with an all-weather case modified to reduce wind noise.

Excuse some of the resonance that the video picks up, it’s nothing like that inside the car – Zero drone and the perfect musical note of the S62 V8 engine singing.

Once fully warmed up, on the over-run there are a few pops and bangs that can be heard towards the end of the video.

The microphone on the camera makes the exhaust sound a little raspy, but it has zero rasp and only the deep burble of the S62 V8 engine. This is due to the volume of the exhaust being too loud for the microphone which then distorts the sound at higher revs.

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