BMW F80 M3 Exhaust Valve Mod – Sound Check – Burnout M4 F82 F83

In this video I demonstrate the interior and cruising aspect of the exhaust valve mod on my 2015 BMW F80 M3 (applicable to F82 M4 and F83 M4 Convertible as well). I also demonstrate the sound alongside the stereo at 50% volume for reference. To me, there is no drone with this setup (6MT specifically). It is very mild from the interior. Cold starts ARE BRUTAL though. Be prepared for angry neighbors. The exhaust valve modification involves locking the exhaust flaps open by means of unplugging the actuators. See my other videos for a how to, revving, and comparison next to a unmodified M3. There ARE reports of drone from DCT owners, but generally 6MT owners report no drone.

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