This is actually my second ride in a BMW M4, you guys ain’t seen it yet cause it’s gunna be in my Throwback Series that’s gunna start sometime this year, but the first time i went out in it i just went for a quick spin around the block and one or two small accelerations, even tho this M4 ride wasn’t that crazy it was alot faster than the first time i went out in one, i love this alot i love the sound and the way it looks, it’s most likely my favourite M Car, also this M4 had a M Performance Exhaust which makes it sound alot more louder and alot more angry, alot of people don’t like the new M4 Turbocharged Engine but i absolutely love it, anhow really hope you enjoyed this M4 Ride if you did then please e sure to give it a big thumbs up and share it an please subscribe, also if you ain’t already then please subscribe to my Nissan GTR Youtube Channel, link is below thanks so much for watching see you next time for another video.

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