BMW G 310 GS; Spyshoot Camera

BMW Motorrad always had the plans of working on an ADV derivative of the upcoming G 310 R motorcycle and with these spy shots taken in Italy, it has been finally confirmed as well. The entire community of motorcycling aficionados will be happy to see these photographs and so are we.
The overall styling does seem to resemble that of the BMW R1200 GS, the big daddy of all adventure touring motorcycles and we can definitely make out a few details which differentiate the BMW G 310 GS from the BMW G 310 R.
Firstly, the G 310 GS seems to feature USDs up front with a larger travel. We believe that the rear monoshock too will undergo tweaking in order to match up to the front suspension. From the reports, the G 310 GS is said to get a 19-inch wheel upfront as compared to the 17-inch wheel on the G 310 R. Also, as is evident in the photographs, all the test mules are running dual-purpose on-off-road tyres. The beak-like protrusion of the mudguard up front and the small windscreen along with the slightly re-designed fuel tank make up the visual differences from the G 310 R. The bashplate guarding the engine from below further enhances the off-roading/touring credentials of the G 310 GS. Also, the G 310 GS models captured in the photographs seems to have an extended carrier for luggage. While we believe that will not be a part of the standard equipment, but surely be offered as optional equipment when the motorcycle finally goes on sale.

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