BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue detailed at Reep Detailing Harrogate

BMW M2 in Long Beach Blue detailed at Reep Detailing Harrogate using Swissvax products.

This car was delivered straight from the dealership brand new with 0 miles on the clocks. The owner wanted maximum protection before he could really enjoy it on the road, afterall the owner has waited over 1 year for the car to arrive!

We applied XPEL Self Healing Paint Protection Film to the full front end, rear quarter panels, sills and rear bumper splash guards. The rear quarters and all panels are so wide that as soon as this car is on the road it will catch stone chips and any debris, so protecting the paint with invisible PPF is the answer!

Once all PPF was applied, the vehicle received a Swissvax New Car Protection Detail. The car is now ready to go and the owner can drive it without the worry of catching any stone chips. This will mean out of all the other M2’s on the market in 10 years time, this will be one of the best ones out there due to the perfect paint and no stone chips. Others may have stone chips and have to have the full front painted and blown into the doors to match the quality, but that car will not be original paint and immaculate.

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