BMW M4 Competition Convertible after it’s Siramik APT Based Enhancement Detail by BrCarDetailing

So here’s the completed Monte Carlo Blue BMW M4 Convertible after it’s light correction detail at GT101 in Colchester.

As can be seen from some of the videos posted earlier in the week it was in a pretty poor state when accessed with lots of buffer trails, Holograms, pad skips and RDS in the paintwork courtesy of the supplying dealership.

I removed a good 80-90% of the defects, I didn’t go too mad on the RDS choosing instead to leave a decent amount of paint for any other subsequent damage that may be picked up at a later date.

Paintwork and trim was then ceramic coated with Siramik APT which consists of two coats, one of Ultima and one of Altum, both of which are only available to accredited Siramik detailers. Wheels were coated with Siramik HR and glass with Siramik Vision. The paintwork and trim were then given 2 Siramik Praefulgeo wipe downs to add some extra gloss.

Interior was also detailed and deep cleaned with the leather being coated with Dr Leather Dye Block and the carpets and mats with Siramik ICF

What a totally stunning colour!

Remember to watch in HD

If you think your vehicle could benefit from this type of treatment please don’t hesitate to get in touch on

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