BMW M4 F82/F83 Stock Exhaust Rev & Sound Video

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Yes. The BMW M4 you saw in the video before is back. Instead of putting these videos together with my last video, I decided to upload a new one. This BMW M4 just sounds amazing, and for people who are able to buy such car can listen to the sound first. It’s amazing in my opinion!

In this video you’ll see the pearl white BMW M4 F83 Cabriolet revving in all the driver modes. The efficient mode, Sport mode and Sport Plus mode. As you can hear, the valves inside the muffler turns wide open when you change driver modes. A pretty cool feature which many cars already have. It’s not that special anymore, but still cool to see and fun to have! And besides, it can also be very useful when your neighbors complain about your loud exhaust!

Camera: Nikon D3200 18-55 VR (No Microphone)

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