BMW M4 GTS Detailed

The mighty M4 GTS and this has truly been a pleasure to be trusted with such a rare car.
So just a few headline figures for this awesome car.
BMW M4 GTS (2016) is the fastest production BMW road car – ever.
Only 30 coming to the UK making this a super rare car
0-62mph in 3.8sec and 190mph – still limited!
Water injection tech helps boost 3.0 twin-turbo six from 425bhp to 493bhp!
Torque increases from 406lb ft to 442lb ft.
Carbon fibre bonnet, roof and boot along with rear wing and spoiler.
Titanium exhaust and carbon ceramic brakes all round are just a few of the specs that sets it aside from the standard BMW M4

The Detail.
Full safe wash with a 2 step chemical decontamination followed by a mechanical clay bar decontamination.
Wheels off and those fully cleaned and decontaminated.
Arches, brakes and suspension steam cleaned.
Titanium exhaust cleaned and polished.
Paint measured and inspected ready for the machining stages
The paint mostly responded as i had hoped.
correction/cutting stage done with various size machines with meguairs mf cutting pads with a combination of kochie creme and megs compounds..

Then it was time to refine and add some gloss and depth to the paintwork. Mostly done with the rupes with carpro’s gloss pad and their excellent essence polish.

Then to add protection
Wheels, brake callipers and exhaust protected with carpro Dlux
Paintwork protected with Gtechniq crystal serum light
Arches and tyres treated to with carpro perl.
Rain repellant applied to the windscreen from Gtechniq.
The interior only needed a light clean and vacuum.
Engine bay cleaned
Then Gtechniq C2V3 liquid crystal applied.

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