BMW M8 Confirmed, Infiniti Q50, CLA45 AMG, 2014 Corolla, Bentley Falcon SUV, & More!

BMW’s M1 Supercar successor has been confirmed and it will come to you in the name M8. Infiniti’s new 2014 Q50 will get an engine from Mercedes, and Mercedes CLA45 AMG will be making its debut at the NY International Auto Show! Plus a new Corolla, Bentley approves that boat of an SUV, a rally driver flips over but keeps on going and going, and some Subaru WRX and STi Special Editions! That’s all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

Turn 2 TV productions video of the Rally Fighter flipping:

Parker 425 RM 3.5

Posted by Turn 2 TV Productions on 5 Februarie 2013

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