BMW R1200 RT Motorcycle RETTmobil

RETTmobil has become Europe’s leading trade fair for rescue and mobility, fire services and emergency physicians, and BMW just revealed a number of cars made specifically to the requirements of emergency and special safety vehicles.

Taking place in 20 halls scattered around 70,000 square meters, the event gathers more than 500 exhibitors from 20 countries ready to present the latest first aid technology, with BMW being at the battlefront of the event using its expertise in the development and manufacturing of special vehicles.

According to the car maker itself, these vehicles meet the highest standards with respect to functionality, performance and safety, but also in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. BMW hopes to draw attention with their automobiles and a motorcycles, including an i3, a 2 Series Gran Tourer, a X1, a X3, and a R1200 RT.

The I3 is a show car, but it was extensively upgraded for use by the emergency services, as its acceleration and emission-free powertrain makes it perfectly suitable as a vehicle dedicated for these kind of operations. Equipped with LED, Hella RTK 7 special signal roof bar system and KL-LM2 LED flasher module, the car also features fast charging and range extender – enough to increase the 170 HP I3’s autonomy in the process.

Furthermore, while the 220d xDrive Gran Tourer was reserved for emergency physicians and paramedics – being equipped with emergency flashers, accident data recorder, and a steel partition – the X3 and X1 will serve as fire service as command vehicles with the latter dedicated for the fire department.

BMW also says the R1200 RT motorcycle possesses the best qualifications for use as an emergency physician motorcycle, being fitted with several pieces of special, customized, life-saving equipment, such as two side-mounted panniers with a total volume of 56 liters for the secure transportation and storage of the medical equipment.

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