Crazy Insane DRIFTs @ Nordschleife Nürburgring with BMW ///M5 E34

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ROTEX doing ONE new lap with crazy drifts @ Nordschleife!
track-safety people blocked me after this single lap! one more drift and i can go home they say… 🙁
so it is not the best lap, with some understeer and less practise… the last time like this was in the year 2010 …but it is not so bad for only ONE lap 🙂

The car is a BMW M5 E34 3.6 1990 with the 6-speed gearbox from the 3.8 M5 1995 and a lot more specs…

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD COMMENTS and TOP RATING :-))) …sorry i can not answer your comments because i have no google-account!!! :-/

and please no comments like: watch Giorgi looser!!!
Giorgi is no more alive… a sad story! 🙁
… so R.I.P. Giorgi Tevzadze …4ever!
and please do it better in ONE lap, if you comment horrible bad 😉

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