Daves Auto Detail VIP car detailing video – Mustang Gt – Gtechniq Quartz glass coating

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Full GTECHNIQ Quartz car detailing demo video Ford Mustang Gt
For more info: http:/www.davesdetailingservices.com/specials Used GTECHNIQ Quartz Products:
– Meguires Foam
– Meguires Iron x
– GTECHNIQ Quartz panel Prep –
– 3D HD Fabric-Coat
– Black WOW Trim
– Meguires Claylube –
Machine polishers and products:
– Flex 3401 polisher
– Lake County polishing pads
– menzerna polishing compounds
– Sam’s Microfiber cloths
I would like to thank “Ferguson Paint and Body” for the use of the garage bay


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