Detail Boss: BMW 650i Paint Correction, Interior Detail + Ceramic Pro Coating

This client sought out our expertise for paint correction. Owning the car for a few years, he noticed the amount of swirls and water spots in the paint and he wanted them removed. He decided to go with our signature paint correction package. This removes about 85-90% of all minor surface imperfections that do not have to be wetsanded. He also received our express interior with upgraded leather conditioning of the seats. To put the icing on the cake, he upgraded our standard 2-3 month sealant with Ceramic Pro’s introductory coating which greatly enhances the depth and shine of the paint, as well as giving the car that “hard as glass” look with its reflection. This introductory coating has extreme hydrophobic properties and has a longevity of about 15-25 washes. It promotes anti-static properties, keeping your vehicle cleaner much longer, and making clean-up much easier! For more information about who Detail Boss is and what we do, please visit our website at

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