EPIC FAIL – HIGH SPEED CRASH Nurburgring Nordschleife BMW M3 E46 – nearly 8m14s BTG 28.06.2014

Onboard footage of CRASH in my E46 BMW M3, 1st Lap of the year, started off taking it easy as just fitted new Pilot Sport Cup tyres with zero miles and needed to bed them in. Half way round, realised track was emptiest I’d ever seen it and started to increase the pace. Unfortunately, never made it to the end as it would have been my fastest ever lap!! Luckily, no-one was hurt but did cost me big time!! 1200 euros of track repair (though no damage done), 468 euros of towing and storage costs, £500 repatriation cost and still need to repair the car!! Be careful out there boys and girls!!! Pics at turbobungle.com: http://www.turbobungle.com/2014_nurburgring_trip_2d_june_2014.html

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