First time at the Nürburgring – BMW E24 635CSi – GoPro

My first time at the Nürburgring, in a 31 year old car.
Not a fast lap at all, it was more sightseeing than racing.

Considering I live more than 3000km further north, I took it easy out on the track. I had only driven this track on playstation before, so I was not that familiar with it. The similar landscape and length of it makes it difficult to memorize.

The car it self isn’t setup for racing, it’s lowered and have more camber in the rear than at the front, so it tend to understeer most of the time. It didn’t help that the trunk was full of tools and clothes from my roadtrip from Norway, down through Italy and France before entering the Nordschleife, as well.

BTG time was approximately 12:00 mins in this vid.

Well, it is what it is.. Enjoy 🙂
At least I had a good time out there.

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