Gran Turismo 4 Nurburgring Hot Lap BMW M3 GTR Race car 6:14

Just a video of my driving the BMW M3 GTR Race car around the ‘Ring, in a quick 6:14. All driving aids are switched off, and wearing racing soft tires. Not as smooth as I’d have liked, as I psyched myself out because I knew I was recording it. I have also done a 6.04, see it here on YT as well.

Shame about the picture quality…what did you do to it Youtube?

Win this car on the Schwarzwald Liga A endurance.

Race in GT Mode, Free Driving, NOT Arcade Mode (there is a difference). Use first person view, with the head up display showing the dials, so we can see your accel, braking and weight-shift telemetry for verification purposes.

Post the whole lap. At least 2 wheels must remain on track for the whole lap.

Its been upgraded to stage 4 turbo, giving it 725BHP, though it is degrading slowly because I’ve driven it a lot.

Speed is in km/h.

I use manual transmission settings, with the Logitech G25 wheel, and using the stick rather than the paddles for sequential shift gear changing, just the the real life version.

Not much change to the setup has been made, because the car is already very well balanced, as I said …its one of the better handling cars in the whole game. Basically I increased the brake balance to 8 on the front, 6 on the back, maxed the downforce, added racing soft tyres, NOS, and as mentioned, switched all driving aids off.

To make the video for Youtube, I used Ulead Video Studio 7 to capture the video to my PC from my handycam. I recorded Gran Turismo through the VCR to tape, and played back while recording with the Handycam. And finally SUPER video converter tool to make it in a format for youtube.

If you say you are faster than this, and you use a different car, well good for you…its no comparison.

If you say you are faster, and you use the same car, then post a video. There has only been 2-3 other people who have posted a vid bettering my best time 6.04…but they are not the whole lap, just the final leg and the end time, so its hard to verify whether cheats or assistances were used. There is only 1 other vid quicker than me that I have seen, lackom47 I think, that is the full lap.

cheers, and have fun!

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