Gyeon Q2M Rim – BMW M4 application and results

Full process of removing, decontaminating, polishing, treating and SiO2 coating wheels and then results after one week.
I chose Gyeon Rim for my coating following extensive research. The application process is as easy as it gets, wipe on, cure and buff. simple as that. the effort as with all detailing is in the prep work which I’ve filmed here to give you an idea of what steps to follow to achieve a better than new finish.

Although you can get paste type wheel sealants these aren’t long lasting and i would rather spend a day going through this process once a year (or less) than apply a sealant monthly.
update: after 12 months these wheels are still beading water and repelling brake dust like day one of application. I can’t recommend enough coating your wheels. I now only use wheel cleaner spray (usually adams wheel cleaner), dwell for 5 minutes then spray off as a weekly maintenance routine and get in there with the wheel woolies once a month. ive no regrets going through this process and will do it on all wheels i use in the future.
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