High End Car Detailing Audi A3 SLine solid black paint correction and Modesta paint protection

This Audi A3 was one week old when she came in to my shop.
Completely slaughtered by another “detailing company”
I corrected her and provided Modesta P-01A primer and Modesta BC-03 on the paint,
The beautiful glossy ans amazing reflective results speak for themself.
You will see some minor dust when the direct light is on the paint this is because of the static paint.

Ride & Shine Detailing
One of the most luxurious Detailing ateliers of the Netherlands
specialist in paint corrections and Modesta paint protections

We provide European and worldwide services.
UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi is all possible to treat your special ride.
For more information visit www.rideandshinedetailing.nl

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