How did you start detailing? – AMDetails Facebook Q&A tips

AMDetails Q&A with Alan Medcraf from AMDetails. A Detailing company who provide;

Detailing services, Training and our Car Care Range based at
Unit 5 Chanonry Spur, Elgin, Moray, IV30 6ND – Scotland

Hey Guys on 24th August 2016I asked all your facebook followers to drop us some questions. I then had Scott write down all the Facebook Questions for me to answer and provide some Tips. We shoot these in one take. no edits no chopping so you can get the answers Raw. Just like asking me directly.

Really Enjoyed this one guys. hopefully my tips and tricks help with your car cleaning questions. Or i manage to cover the questions about AMDetails and the team.

Our next Q&A is going to come completely from Youtube so please do ask questions in the comments and see if your question makes the cut. We want to try and give you as many tips and tricks on car cleaning as possible. So that you know just how to use the AMDetails Range to help with all your car cleaning needs.

Thanks guys


0:20 AMDetails has come so far in the last five years, where do you hope to be in the last five years?

1:40 What is the best way to get rid of bird staining after the worst has been removed?

2:34 What products do you use to remove watermarks on either the paint or the glass?

3:34 What was your first car? Of all the cars you have owned which has been your favourite?

4:44 When plus how did you start car detailing?

5:38 Why has your beard got bald patches?

6:02 How and where did you learn to detail?

Unit 5 Chanonry Spur, Elgin, Moray, IV30 6ND – Scotland

Please watch: “BMW Z4 – Fast Forward Process – Rupes Machine Polishing”


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