How To Care For Vinyl Wraps – 2016 BMW M4 – Chemical Guys Car Care

Vehicle wraps are a great alternative to expensive paint jobs while allowing the owner to customize and personalize their vehicle. This BMW M4 has an elephant grey vinyl wrap that gives this vehicle a unique attitude.

Every detail starts with the dirtiest area which is the wheels. Road grime, brake dust and old dressing clog the pores of the rubber and dull the finish of the wheel. Using the all new set of Wheel Gerbil Brushes we safely detail these factory BMW wheels. Natural wool fibers gather foam for lubrication that encapsulates abrasive particles to prevent installing scratches and swirls.

After bringing this M4 indoors we not only clean but protect and shine this wrap using Chemical Guys Wrap Detailer, a wrap quick detail spray that extends the life of clear, glossy, and shiny vinyl wraps and printed graphics by safely removing dust, dirt and fingerprints without scratching. Added UV blockers prevent sun damage, fading and peeling.

No full detail is completely without giving the interior some attention. Vacuuming up debris on the seats and carpet followed by a maintenance wipe down using Leather Quick Detailer got this interior looking its best in no time.

Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel

Jet Stream Fire Hose Nozzle

Wrap Detailer:

Happy Ending Microfiber Towel

Leather Quick Detailer

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