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Auto detailing clay is the detailer’s secret for smooth-as-glass paintwork. If your car feels rough or lumpy even after a wash, chances are it’s full of stuck-on pollution, contamination, and fallout. If left untreated, the rough particles can lead to oxidation, paint failure, and swirls and scratches.

Use Chemical Guys Clay Bars to pull embedded contaminants from paintwork, glass, polished metal, clear plastic, and other exterior automotive surfaces. Follow up with a coat of your favorite Chemical Guys sealant or wax to protect your paintwork against future contamination, water spots, UV solar rays, and more!

Today I’m gonna show you the proper way to clay bar any vehicle.

The clay bar removes contamination, overspray, rail dust, and brake dust that makes your car feels rough and not smooth as glass. If you wash your car and it feels rough, you need to use the clay bar.

Clay bar enhances shine, and makes your car feel smooth as glass. Plus it’s the perfect step towards that show car finish. We’re gonna use Chemical Guys clay bars to get the best results just like the pros.

Chemical Guys offers several grades of clay bars:
Original all purpose OG Yellow Clay Bar;
a Light Duty Blue Clay Bar for newer vehicles;
a Medium Duty Gray Clay Bar for vehicles with moderate contamination;
and a Heavy Duty Black Clay Bar for vehicles that have not been clayed in 10 years, or that have heavy contamination.

The clay bar is really easy to use; you can use it at home yourself, and I’m gonna show you the right way to do it right now.

The first thing you want to do is wash your vehicle. We washed this Audi, and even though this is a brand new car, it still needs to be clay barred. You can clay bar old cars, or new cars to restore the finish and make it feel smooth as glass. I have a piece of clay right here, you only need to rip off a small piece to clay the vehicle.

If you drop this on the ground, you must throw it away. Keep it handy, and always put it in a safe place.

To lube the surface, we’re gonna be using Chemical Guys Clay Luber. This will help the clay bar glide right over the surface and pick up all that contamination. This car has a lot of overspray from sitting on the dealer lot, so we’re gonna make it feel smooth.

First, take your clay bar, and push it into a small disc. Make it big enough to hold in your hand for a nice grip and feel. You don’t want to drop the clay bar, so make sure it fits right in the hand.

Next I’ll spray the surface with the Clay Luber. You want to use a generous amount to make sure you do not scratch the surface. I like to keep my Clay Luber in one hand, and the clay bar in the other.

Once the surface is lubricated, take your clay bar, and gently scrub the surface. You want to move in left-to-right or up-and-down lines, no circles! This process also works on grills, headlights, taillights, windshields, painted surfaces, all colors, and all vehicles new and old. You’ll feel the clay bar be rough on the surface as it picks up and grabs all the contamination that’s stuck on the surface.

Once you’ve picked up the contamination from one area on the clay bar, knead it to reveal a new clean spot. That way you can clean many vehicles with the piece of clay bar, and one full clay bar can clean up to 20 vehicles so you can do many cars on the job.

I’ll put my clay bar in a safe place, then dry the surface with a microfiber towel. As you work panel-by-panel, make sure you dry the surface to pick up any contamination and clay lube for a smooth, beautiful surface.

Now that I’ve dried the surface, I can inspect to make sure I didn’t miss any areas. This area feels smooth as glass, and is ready for the detail process. After you clay bar your vehicle, follow up with your favorite Chemical Guys wax or sealant to protect your car from future contamination, and to make it looks its best.

Now you know exactly how to detail exactly like a pro! Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!

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