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Today, the Detail Garage crew face a filthy car interior. This Lexus IS300 has one of the dirtiest car interiors ever seen by Chemical Guys. Beneath the layers of trash and old food, all the leather, cloth, and plastic were full of body oils, filth, and grime. With just a few Chemical Guys products, the crew turn back the ravages of time to polish out this diamond in the rough.

The crew start by wiping down all the plastics with Nonsense All Purpose Cleaner. The invisible cleaner is colorless and odorless, and safe to use on virtually any interior part. The diluted formula easily removes layers of dirt, dust, and body oils from the dashboard and door panels.

The leather steering wheel and upholstery all needed some TLC. Thick layers of body oils mixed with dirt created an unsightly hard crust. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner cut straight through the mess without staining, drying, or damaging the leather hide underneath.

Since leather is skin, it needs to be moisturized once in a while. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Leather Serum helped nourish the tired leather hide with vitamin E, Aloe, and other dry-to-the-touch agents to restore a soft, supple feel to the seats and steering wheel. It’s safe to use Leather Serum on the steering while and gear selector; just make sure you wipe off any excess for a truly dry to the touch feel.

The carpets were stained with dark layers of dirt, grease, and grime. A few sprays of Lightning Fast Stain Extractor pulled out any filth and grime, and the powerful Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment cut straight through all the filth without harming any carpet strands.

The final step to any exterior or interior detail is always the glass. Don’t bother cleaning glass early on because the overspray from other products will leave the windows streaky and dirty again. Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner leaves glass windows, windshields, and sensitive optical plastics on instrument clusters and navigation screens clean with a streak-free finish. Simply erase fingerprints, dirt, and dust from any clear surface or mirror with Signature Series Glass Cleaner.

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