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Matte finishes are loved for their crisp cool look and bold showcase of the vehicle’s lines, but they pose special detailing challenges. The Chemical Guys Complete Matte Kit covers every step to clean, protect, and maintain the integrity of any matte or satin paint finish or wrap.

Meticulous Matte Auto Wash is the first matte-safe car wash soap formulated for any two-bucket, foam gun, and foam cannon wash. Meticulous Matte provides slick lubrication to remove abrasive dirt, dust, and road grime without scratching sensitive paint finishes or adding extra gloss or shine.

Protect matte finishes and wraps with JetSeal Matte synthetic sealant. JetSeal Matte is the world’s first paint protection sealant developed for matte paintwork and vinyl wraps. The advanced sealant formula helps protect against pollution, water spots, contamination, UV sunlight, and road grime with a crisp matte sheen. JetSeal Matte protects vehicles for up to one full year with just one application.

Maintain matte and satin finishes between full washes with Meticulous Matte Detailer & Spray Sealant. Meticulous Matte Detailer provides slick lubrication to remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, bird droppings, and insects without scratching sensitive matte paint finishes. Choose the Complete Matte Kit to clean, protect, and maintain any matte paintwork or custom vinyl wrap.

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