How To Clean your Dirty BMW alloy wheels – Auto detailing Tutorial Simple Trick Revealed

How to clean dirty alloy wheels, a how to tutorial video demonstrating Devils Blood car wheel cleaner on dirty BMW wheels full of touch to clean break dust. Works like magic using only few sprays and jet water in minutes 🙂
For all Auto Detailing and DIY fans here are the Directions for use: 1. Wash vehicle as normal to remove surface dirt.
2. Spray Panel/Wheel generously with product to ensure an even coverage.
3. Allow product to dwell for approx 5 minutes, you will notice the paintwork starts to run purple/red. This is the iron/fallout dissolving leaving your paintwork contaminant free.
4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

DEVILS BLOOD CAR PAINT, GLASS AND WHEEL CLEANER – PH BALANCED – LIKE IRON X Summary The new and incredible Devils Blood that you must try at least once! Devils Blood is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced car paint, wheel and glass cleaner (safe for all wheels including aluminum and alloys). This formulation is also effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles (particles containing iron); actually penetrate the paint and create corrosive compounds that eat deep into the paint’s sub-layers or paint’s pin-holes. This is a gradual process that often is not evident until it’s too late. Claying or polishing only removes the particle, not its effects, which are continuing to spread beneath the surface. During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of the car paint, rims and wheels due to the high-temperature conditions they are normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals. Devils Blood will safely dissolve all of these contaminants to leave your paintwork, wheels and glass contaminant free. This can clearly be seen when the paintwork, wheels and glass bleed. Many experts agree that Devils Blood is more effective than Clay Bars and cutting agents and requires very little effort.

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