How to fit a Nautilus Compact Horn on a R1200 GS Adventure

Make yourself heard in traffic for your own safety… Install a LOUD horn…

Finding a suitable spot for the Nautilus Compact Horn and fitting it on my R 1200 GS Adventure 2012.

You need to seperate the pump/compressor fomr the actual horn and connect them with an air hose to beb able to fit them.

Be aware that the pump/compressor requires a lot of power and therefor CAN NOT be connected to the original horn wiring. You need to connect the Nautilus Horn via a relay and a 20A fuse directly to the batteri and only use the original wiring for the BMW horn to trigger the relay. Otherwise your CANBUS will shut down for the Horn due to the high power consumption.

You can use a simple realy wiring loom as can by bought for auxiliary lights for example. These can ber found at your nearest car parts dealer.

I am planning to replace the clear air tubing wiht black hose instead.

*** Sorry for not turning off the auto focus
on the camera this time ***

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