How To Remove Car Interior Spots And Stains – Chemical Guys Detailing

Car interiors can be difficult to keep clean. Food, drinks, body oils, and even lotions and sunscreen can rub off on seats, carpets, door panels, arm rests, and more. These oils and residues embed deep into fabric and upholstery and can cause permanent staining if it is not cleaned quickly enough.

Check out the versatile and gentle Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and soft horsehair Leather Brush in action on this Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L door panel! The colorless and odorless cleaner and soft natural brush quickly lift and separate embedded lotion and sunscreen from the textured plastic and synthetic leather surfaces on the driver’s door panel. Leather Protectant Serum then seals up and protects the surfaces from future staining, UV sunlight damage, liquids, and body oils.

Leather Cleaner…

Leather Brush…

Leather Serum…

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