How To Remove Heavy Brake Dust From Wheels – Chemical Guys Decon Wheel Cleaner

Months of stop and go traffic will generate nasty brake dust build up on your wheels. Overtime, those iron particles will embed into the surface, and cannot be fully removed by normal car washing techniques or products. In this video we show you how to remove brake dust from wheels. Alex takes on a tough build-up of nasty brake dust on this Honda Accord Wheel using DeCon Pro.

DeCon Pro:…

DeCon Pro is formulated for gentle cleaning action on the most common areas of iron contamination and pollution. Use DeCon Pro to release hot iron deposits from paintwork, polished metals, wheels, brake components, undercarriage parts, glass, and lower body panels closest to wheels and brakes. DeCon Pro is pH-balanced, non-caustic, and safe for all shiny and glossy wheel and paint finishes.

Iron particles can cause abrasive swirls and scratches from improper removal, but they also break down painted finishes and promote rust and corrosion. Even after the particles are removed from paint, the reaction has started and can continue to destroy painted finishes on any vehicle. DeCon Pro actively neutralizes the chemical reaction in its tracks and stops corrosive damage from hot iron deposits before they cause total paint failure.

Upgrade your detailing arsenal with Chemical Guys DeCon Pro, and take down hot iron, steel, and ferrous metal particles before they rust your car away.

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