I Bought a Broken 2006 BMW E60 M5 V10 for $7,200…2 Year Update!

I Bought a Broken 2006 BMW E60 M5 V10 for $7,200… 2 Year Update! A short walk through of what was done and total cost.

Vehicle Purchase: $7,200
Used Motor from LKQ: $7400
Rebuild LKQ Motor: $3500
Sold Old Motor Parts: -10,855
Clean Title 2006 M5 Costed: $7,245…Not Bad

I sold all the old motor parts on eBay and took about a 1.5 years to sell most of it.
I parted out every engine component separately. Took me two days to strip and clean and 4 days to photograph and post it all.

Bare Block – 1,600
Worn Crank – 400
Oil Pan – 400
Bank 2 Head – 800
Vanos Assembly Set with 4 New Solenoids installed by BMW- 1800 (Should of held on to these dohh!)
High Pressure Vanos Pump Newly installed by BMW- 1800
Throttle Body – 300
Valve Cover – 100
Plumes – 250
7 Rods – 700
5 Pistons- 250
2x Idle Control Units – 800
2x Throttle Actuators – 1000
Low Pressure Oil Pump – 150
2x Ionic Modules – 200
Engine Harness – 150
Water Pump – 80
Thermostat & Housing – 75
Total of $10,855

Still have about $1,500 Remaining from the old motor left so once that sells It will bring me to a grand total of $12,355.
Again I got lucky that the engine I bought was almost complete so that helped a bunch. Lots of guys just sell you a stripped long block.

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