K55 BMW 8 series roaring

This is my one of a kind bmw k55 racing dynamics 1991 bmw 850i , this was originally a v12 bmw with a 5.0l engine. The racing dynamics package offered a variety of upgrades to the engine changing into a 5.7l engine rated at 475 horsepower and more then enough torque to match it. The European version was only dynoed in the low 400 area 407 i believe. My dad witnessed the dyno on our 8 series k55. There was 1 produced in the USA and 40 produced in europe. I am the sole owner of the only one in the USA since PRODUCTION. so that is now 21 years almost. the car only has roughy 28,000 original miles on it and is in mint running conidtion. Interior is mint except for headliner, just needs a new paint job and rims to be resent to be in 100 % show room condition.
Enjoy the video.

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