MK3 VW 2.0 turbo VS 1997 BMW M3

Car made 261WHP, 284FTLBS on a dynojet non-loaded dyno with 0% correction. No hollywood dyno here. Was only building 17PSI on dyno. For this run it was at 19PSI.

Need to set a better race up! Had a good time, though! No traction through second (in the Jetta) which usually isn’t this big of a problem. You can see that there was lots of gravel and even some residual salt left on the pavement.

OBDI OEM forged ABA w/ oil squirters
Lightened and balanced IM shaft
Kenitic Turbo Manifold
AiResearchT04E turbocharger. .63 AR Turbine housing
TurboSmart Ultra Gate 38 Wastegate
Greddy Type S BOV
Generic FMIC
C2 Stage 2 software
42LB injectors
Innovate LC1
Innovate Auto Timer
C2 HG spacer
ARP head studs
Home-made short runner (steel plenum fastened to stock lower w/ silicon couplers & T-bolt clamps
VF Engineering front mount
VF Engineering rear mount
VF Engineering transmission mount
Neuspeed plug wires
NGK BKR7E plugs
Magnaflow Stainless exhaust- Nice and quiet. Car sounds fantastic!
G60 valve cover

-02A with a MINT CTN gear set
-CCM 3.389 R&P
-New OEM main shaft bearings
-New OEM input shaft bearings
-New OEM differential bearings
-New OEM pinion bearings
-All seals replaced
-Peloquin differential- just back from being rebuilt at Peloquin. Big thanks to Gary, 0 miles
-02J shift tower and interior shift assembly
-Kennedy engineering stage 3 228MM PP over 400 ft. LBS clamping force
-EIP reinforced T/O arm
-New T/O bearing
-New bushings
-12 lb. flywheel
-Audi TT short shift lever

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