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This Motovlog started with a cute girl washing my kawasaki ninja motorcycle during my motovlog on motorcycle. A few people like her cute girl hairstyle and think I should have called it cute girl exposed because that girl can sell.

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About My Channel

Want something different when watching a motorcycle vlog ?? Look no further because I’m like no other motovlog sportbike rider! I will share funny videos while riding my Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R and zx10r in the summer and my dualsport in the winter snow.

That’s right, I ride my KTM Duke motorcycle in the snow and roadrage a lot on the icy streets with bad drivers looking at me like I’m a squid on a gixxer or a Yamaha 50cc speed machine doing 125 mph. Should have bought a drz400sm and kept it simple. My dream bike for all moto riding is a H2.

Did you know that I reply to just about every single comment made on my Youtube channel. I truly appreciate you taking the time from your day to watch my videos and leave comments so I think it’s only fair to respond back to you. My community loves it and so do I.

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Questions for Ninja Flyboy Vlog

How did you become a motovlogger ?

I started to motovlog when I wanted to convince a few friends to buy a supersport motorcycle like a gsxr600 or cbr1000. They had no interest in sportbikes so I had some major funny motovlog videos to make to get their attention. My intention was to create a video like my favorite youtubers like 6foot4honda and walterrific. Those guys are the best.

When did you start to ride?

When I was 6 years old, my dad taught me about motorcycle dangers after he bought me a 50cc minibike. It sure wasn’t a hondacbr600rr that I could ride like all the other streetbike choices I’ve had in life.

What kind of new motorcycle have you owned?

My first real ride was a gsxr1000 when I was 16. I was a rev bombing professional like those guys on the ktm racing team. I skipped the ninja300 and cbr250 stages because I had lots riding experience. How to ride a motorcycle was something I never did. I’m sure yummir6 and jakethegardensnake wouldn’t think I was a cool 16 year old, but I was a wanna race? kind of guy.

Have you always been on sport bikes?

Yes. I’ve had a cbr600 and a super motard but never a ktmduke or ktm390. Sport bikes are in my blood.

What bike would you like to own?

I think a Kawasaki ninja h2 would be awesome but I don’t have enough money for one of those. Maybe if I grow my channel to the size of doitwithdan or chaseontwowheels I would by one. Until then, my choice would be a bmw r9t or a ktm 390 series to rip the streets and roads. A Yamahar6 or r3 would be awesome too.

Have you ever been in a police chase?

Yes, lots as a kid riding motocross in the fields behind my house. As an adult, no. I’m more like royaljordanian or baron von grumble. Those guys, like the ones I listed above, are all classy and enjoy riding. They just make good vlog videos and are considered the best.

What bike do you ride now?

I just sold my zx10r and bought a Kawasaki ninja zx14r. I love that motorcycle because I can ride all day and make motovlog videos. It is so comfortable to ride and it goes like a rocket ship with wheels.

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