Mucky Mitsubishi Engine Bay Clean

Here I tackled the heavily soiled engine bay of a 15 year old 16v Mitsubishi Colt which I suspect hadn’t seen so much as an oily rag for years. While the finished results were far from perfect due to areas of rust and corrosion, they do still illustrate the vast improvements that can be made on even the muckiest and most neglected of engine bays with a little elbow grease!


Products used:

Autobrite Magifoam

Autobrite Heavy Duty foam lance

Kranzle K7 pressure washer

Vikan 50mm long reach brush

Autosmart G101 all purpose cleaner

EZ Detail brush

Valet Pro one inch wheel brush

Valet Pro mini detailing brush

Autosmart Finish dressing

Autosmart Highstyle dressing

Generic microfibre towels

Generic microfibre applicator pad

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