NEW!!! 2015 BMW MZ8

Homage to Z8 and 8 Series

Christophe Jourd’hui, a graduate from the International School of Design (ISD) (France) and Benjamin Baron, a fellow ISD student who spent 8 months interning at BMW DesignWorks Munich, have put together this design thesis featuring what they call the MZ8 Concept.

Jourd’hui says that the MZ8 design “commemorates the 40 years of Motorsport department… I decide to work on a spyder in honor of the Z8 and 8 series. Modern interpretation of the Motorsport philosophy.”

Unlike many unofficial BMW concept designs we’ve seen in the past, this one is restrained in comparison and could even be credible as an official concept design. Check out the images and video below and tell us if you agree.

BMW fans have been starved for a halo supercar and something like this would certainly look the part. There have been rumors lately of a potential “M100” halo sports car from BMW, which may arrive to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of BMW (founded in 1917).

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