New 2016 BMW M8 Price and Specs

2016 BMW M8 becomes a car that is being a spotlight in this year. Previously, there are some rumors that about the car. However, the rumor is getting stronger and now, there are already some pictures that make other people believe if BMW is going to release this car.
Based on the first look toward the car, the car seems like a futuristic ride that is often sought on sci-fi movie. The futuristic body shape strengthened with elegant theme becomes a great element that will make other people love the car for the first time.

In addition for its futuristic look, the car will be designed with super-light material to create light-weight body car. The light body becomes great thing that can improve the car performance. For further information, you can check below about some information for the car.


As for the engine, three cylinders 1.5 liters with an electric motor will be the engine of 2016 BMW M8. For more monstrous performance, V-8 Twin turbocharge will complete the engine for the car. Based on the engine, the car can produce 600 HP.

Lighter body with lightning engine performance will create stunning performance. You can reach a high speed performance that can satisfy any people especially, for some people who love to dash their car as fast as they can.
The appearance of 2016 BMW M8 is really stunning. Its futuristic look combined with elegant body shape becomes perfect combination that will hypnotize other people with its look. In addition for the body, front and rear light is also designed with futuristic accent and laser technology to make it becomes more perfect.

From some pictures that are released, the cockpit is designed very simple but very elegant. Besides, there will be tons of features that are placed on the dashboard. It gives great driving experience for the driver.

The interior is also very stunning since; all things are pretty set-up inside the car. The dashboard is designed elegantly and very neat. For the seat, the seat is created with finest leather to give amazing experience for some people who sit inside.
2016 BMW M8 Release Date and Price

After reading some features above, some people might fall in love with it. However, BMW still not releases any information about release date and price. Based on the specification above, the car could be released on $ 200.000.

For the release date, 2016 will be the release year of this car. For exact release date, we still have to wait for further information from BMW. For some people who in plan for getting a futuristic car-designed inside their garage, this car will be the best choice for them. Lighter body with great engine is ready to amaze them. Hence, be ready to welcome 2016 BMW M8 in 2016.

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