Nurburgring 6th May 2017 BMW S1000RR Hit By Car at 105mph / 169kph!

Hit by car just after 7’25”. The guy doesn’t check his mirrors and nearly pulls out on the Porsche that I am behind and then pulls out and hits me.

The vid has gone viral so thought it worth sticking a proper write up on here as loads of people have been asking questions 🙂

My attitude to the place is that I ride it at 90% fast where it feels safe to do so but try to keep plenty in reserve on the many more dangerous areas and especially when there is lots of traffic about.

By my fourth lap I was feeling comfortable, loving the bike and getting a bit quicker but still wary to not push too much in all the traffic. It felt particularly busy down through to Adenauer bridge and the fast sections through to the Karussell were not much better. At this point I had reached the group of cars including the one that pulled out on me. It’s easy to analyse in hindsight when watching the video but at the time you are relying more on instinct and general rules. Living in London I’m unfortunate enough to have a lot of heavy traffic to deal with and my rules are fairly simple; I try to always have an escape plan in case something happens and when I pass I do it as quick as I can to avoid being in the danger zone for any length of time. I rarely pass on a corner at the Ring so I had held back behind the first car around the Karussell and passed on the exit once he had moved to the right to let me by. The orange Porsche was in front of me over taking the Seat so from my point of view I had a clear run through after him. In hindsight this was my biggest safety mistake. I didn’t see that the Seat was being held up by the slow car in front of him and impatient to get out. I love to drive cars fast as well and I know that it is hard for a driver to see a biker when they arrive so much quicker but in this case I still honestly believe that the driver did not check his mirror at all after the Porsche passed. The Seat gives one flash of his indicator at the same time as he starts to pull out before realising the Porsche is already passing. In the split second this was happening I made the wrong decision to continue passing as I thought the Seat driver had become aware of passing traffic.

As I passed him the Seat pulled out into me and knocked me off the track. I knew well not to pull the front brake on the grass and so ended up in the drainage gravel riding the bottom of the barrier at 100mph. All I could think was that at some point the front would fold and I needed to try and hold it to scrub as much speed off as possible before the inevitable. Somehow I managed to keep it upright until it pinged me off towards the track again. The curbing at that point is massive so I got launched onto the track at a fair speed but managed to get the brakes on for a moment on the tarmac before reaching the other side. I was still going at a fair pace and the nose was down from braking so I had to risk putting a little bit of power on to bring it up and get some control so I didn’t hit the other barrier square on. I managed to turn it enough to just hit it with my knee and then get full control of the bike back, if not my heart rate. I came back onto the track and got off the racing line and briefly checked everything was good with the bike and that there was no need to stop on what would be a dangerous area. The cars all came by with many giving me the thumbs up to check I was ok which I returned thankful of people looking out for me. I was not sure where the Seat driver was at this point as it all happened too fast so I wasn’t sure which car it was until I got back to the pit area.

Once I’d got back the marshals came over looking for me as the police would need a statement. I explained that the orange Porsche had just passed and I felt the line was clear for myself as well and the Seat had pulled out on me without looking. The driver refused to admit any blame or say sorry as he wanted to go through insurance. Luckily another car was just behind me and they had separately given a statement saying exactly the same thing to the police. In future I’ll be a lot more wary when following a passing car that the one being passed may not be able to see me on a bike.

There are scratches on the crash bungs and foot pegs and a very small mark on the exhaust. I’m expecting gravel rash on the lower fairing but didn’t see anything obvious when checking at the track.

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