Offset Detailing Essex Porsche 997 3 8 Carrera 2S Detail Kamikaze Collection Miyabi & Infinity Wax

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This Porsche 3.8 997 Carrera 2S was brought in to Offset Detailing, the Auto Finesse approved award winning car detailing service in Essex to rectify some bad swirl marks and take out a lot of defects. This car needed some of the best protection available for the paintwork so I recommended the Kamikaze Collection to the owner. After much pondering we decided on the Kamikaze Miyabi glass coating for the flrst layer of protection with Kamikaze Infinity Wax which is a combination of glass coating and carnauba on top of the Miyabi after it cured overnight. A great combination!

Paintwork was first hit with Rupes and Scholl products to rid as many defects as possible. The engine bay was carefully cleaned and protected with Aerospace 303 as was the rubber underneath the rear spoiler. Wheels and calipers were sealed with Gtechniq Exo and tyres were thoroughly cleaned and sealed with Tuf Shine Clearcoat – an awesome product.

Glass was protected with Gtechniq Exo too. The interior vacuumed throughout with Chemical Guys Inner Clean for dash/panels and Auto Finesse Crystal for the inside glass. This was quite an intensive detail and the Kamikaze coatings will be making their appearance on details in the near future. They give a superb glassy look to the paintwork and up to a couple of years protection when looked after properly.

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