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Hello all. This beautiful week old Porsche Macan S was brought down to Offset Detailing, the Auto Finesse approved car detailing service in Essex after a poor dealership preparation by Porsche in Essex. This is the third car I have detailed for this couple – the previous two being their Audi A1 and their incredible sepang blue Audi RS6.

After the usual wash down and decontamination process, the Macan S was hit with a two stage machine polishing process to eliminate the dealer inflicted scratches and defects. There was quite a few around this car which me or the owners were impressed with, a shame because you’d think a high profile brand like Porsche would take extreme care over their vehicles, but not in this case.

Gtechniq Exo was used to seal the Jet Black Pearl paintwork, Gtechniq on the exterior glass and Sonax NPT for the wheels, brake calipers and plastic trim.

The interior was vacuumed throughout, with Zaino Z6 for the door shuts, Chemical Guys Inner Clean for the interior and Auto Finesse Crystal for the glass. Tyres were then dressed. It was a pleasure working on such a nice Porsche!

A video and some pictures are below highlighting the processes.

Many thanks for looking.
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0784 320 1313 – located in Rayleigh, Essex.

This Porsche 3.8 997 Carrera 2S was brought in to Offset Detailing, the Auto Finesse approved award winning car detailing service in Essex to rectify some bad swirl marks and take out a lot of defects. This car needed some of the best protection available for the paintwork so I recommended the Kamikaze Collection to the owner. After much pondering we decided on the Kamikaze Miyabi glass coating for the flrst layer of protection with Kamikaze Infinity Wax which is a combination of glass coating and carnauba on top of the Miyabi after it cured overnight. A great combination!

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