OFFSET DETAILING Totally Original 1982 VW Mk1 Golf 1 5 Auto GL

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Hi all, I’ve made a short video showing the work involved in sorting out this totally original Mk1 Golf for my cousin.

73k from new, 3 owners, all original paperwork and every other piece of paperwork you could possibly imagine.

This had been sitting at my aunt’s for four years as my cousin had bought a newer car to use daily. He basically wanted this looking more presentable to sell.

It’s not a full on correction detail via wetsanding, but I thought what the hell and hit the majority of it with 1500, 2000 and 3000 and then a two stage machine polish. For a 33 year old car I thought this came up very well and just goes to show what you can achieve on very old paints.

Full wash down and decontamination process – this was nearly green before!
Wet sanding and two stage machining.
Interior – wet vacced and Auto Finesse Crystal for inner and outer glass.
Chemical Guys Inner clean for dash and panels.
Wax of choice was the trusty Bouncers 22 for a show car like finish.

Note this car’s paint was totally original so some defects remain, overall though – looking awesome!

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