PSX 2016 | GT Sport | Nurburgring | BMW M4

First time playing GT Sport
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For comparison with Gran Turismo 6
Gran Turismo 6 | Nurburgring | BMW M4

My short comparison of Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) v1.22 & GT Sport (GTS) vPSX2016

Track: Nurburgring 12pm Dry
Car: BMW M4
Tires: Sports Soft
Driving Aids: All off except ABS 1

– Overview: I feel GTS simulates driving a real car better than GT6. GT6 physics feel outdated now.
– Force feedback: GTS FFB feels better than GT6. The wheel effects provided more information about road conditions. I felt my mind was processing more information. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel what individual tires were doing. However, this is a problem I experience in many racing games.
– Sports Soft tires: GTS has much less grip than GT6
o In GTS, I had trouble finding traction in 2nd gear. Furthermore, the M4 was twitchy through fast sweeping corners in 3rd gear.
o In GT6, I did not have any traction issues in 2nd gear nor any need to correct my steering mid-corner in 3rd gear

Other (AI, Graphics, Sound)
– AI: Slightly better in GTS, but for the most part feels like GT6.
o In GTS, the AI takes fast corners reasonably while being horribly slow in traction limited corners.
o In GT6, the AI is slow everywhere that’s not straight.
– Graphics & Sound: In terms of the Nurburgring and BMW M4, GTS is way better!

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