rFactor DTM 2013 Blaze BMW M3 at Watkins Glen Nascar {HD}

Driver: Nicolas Soto . Time lap: 58.049 . Car: 2013 BMW M3 DTM #15 Martin Tomczyk . Track: Watkins Glen Nascar . Racing Series: DTM 2013 BLAZE V1.01 . Controller: Laptop HP 435’s keyboard . Driving Aids: None . Starting Fuel: 10L / 3 Laps . Tyre Compound: Optimus Compound . Watch the analisis at 1:22, I’m worry about if this lap is in fact a legal or an ilegal lap. Now I decided to try something new, to make sure that I’m using all the space available to watch the video without that parts in black.

7 de Noviembre de 2014 23:25 subida original del video HD

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