SABOO Ceramic Pro Bmw 530 M Sport

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Bmw M sport 2013 model being Protected by Ceramic Pro 9H Premium Platinum Package .
SABOO Automotive

By – Nishant Saboo
📞 9949555555 | 9885533333

Advantage of Ceramic Pro Glass Coatings :-

1. Protection against Environmental Fall out
2. Permanent Adhesion
3. Super Hydrophobic
4. Chemical Resistant
5. High Gloss
6. Self Cleaning Effect
7. Anti Graffiti
8. Fire Proof
9. Scratch Proof upto 80%.

Ceramic Pro can only be applied by Ceramic_pro_official / Approved Applicators world wide .

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For such Unique Ceramic Pro coatings contact –
SABOO Automotive
( Multi Brand Car Workshop )
📞 9949555555 / 9885533333
Nishant Saboo

Ceramic Pro is High Performance Protective Coatings for all kinds of surfaces. Permanent Paint Protection coating for Automotive & Marine industry @ SABOO


Ceramic Pro® understands it’s more than just a car, with industry leading products and expertise your investment will not only be protected but also kept looking great permanently.

Nanoshine LTD
Ceramic Pro India

Nishant Saboo
9949555555 | 9885533333

SABOO Automotive
( Multi Brand Car Workshop )
Ranigunj , Secunderabad – 3


Ceramic Pro Advantages: Hardness above 9H | Protection Against Environmental Fallouts | Permanent Bond | Super Hydrophobic | Anti-Graffiti | Advanced Chemical Resistance | Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant | Temperature resistance | UV protection | High Gloss | Self Cleaning Effect | Stays Cleaner Longer

●Tested ● Inspected ● Verified ● Certified by SGS

Look for your nearest Ceramic Pro Approved Applicators:

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